Persons who have obtained a Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design recognized by the Swiss Permaculture Academy and who have submitted a written request to the Secretariat are recognized as Tutors of the Association.

Functions and tasks of the Pathway support Tutor:

  • it is chosen by the Apprentice
  • can accept or refuse the Apprentice’s request;
  • represents the apprentice’s first contact with the Academy at the beginning of the Action Learning Pathway;
  • ensures that the Apprentice has received and is familiar with the Action Learning Manual;
  • supports the Apprentice in the development of a draft Action Learning Pathway project and ensures that it is sent to the Secretariat;
  • contacts the Apprentice at least twice a year, asking the following questions:

1. What is going well and what are your difficulties?

2. What is your long-term vision?

3. What are your next steps?

4. Possible further questions and advice to consider

  • will tell you about other people or places in the permaculture network that can provide you with support and other projects to visit;
  • discusses with the Design support Tutor the opportunity that you can make your Mid-term Presentation. Together make a shared decision;
  • views the design work and, following a decision shared with the Design support Tutor, evaluates the success of the Action Learning Pathway;
  • agrees with the Design support Tutor that at least one of the two should attend the Mid-term Presentation and the Accreditation.