Permaculture Designer graduated by AIP in 2006, has worked in Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Spain, Greece and Switzerland in various agricultural projects. Passionate about natural farming, she dedicated herself to its diffusion in Italy since 2005.

Teacher and facilitator in dynamic learning, she organizes and teaches the Permaculture Design Certificate cours in French-speaking Switzerland. Tutor for future graduates, accompanies them in their Action Learning Pathway.

Areas of expertise:

  • Adult education, since 1998
  • Skills assessment and Job Search Strategies, since 1998
  • Research, from 1999 to 2006
  • Project management, since 2002
  • Permaculture vegetable garden, since 2002
  • Cultivation of saffron, from 2002 to 2012
  • Construction of straw houses, 2004
  • Natural farming, since 2005
  • Permaculture training courses, since 2006
  • Follow-up of apprentices, since 2013

Graduated on September 30, 2006. Title of the diploma thesis: “Barbara as a permaculture system: integrating permaculture and natural agriculture in my professional and family life”

Languages for tutorial: Italian, English, French.

Available as Design Support Tutor and Pathway Support Tutor . For further information:

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Originally from Reggio Emilia, has always been a nature lover and she’s involved in Permaculture (2009), Synergistic Agriculture (2010), Forest Gardening (2012) and Transition Towns(2009). Elena has collaborated with the magazine Vivi Consapevole and with “La Fattoria dell’Autosufficienza”. She is a graduate tutor at the Italian Permaculture Academy (2012) and a founding member of the Swiss Permaculture Academy.

Language for tutorials: Italian, French, English. I am available as Design Support Tutor and Pathway Support Tutor.


A graduate in agricultural engineering since 2018 and an agricultural engineer specializing in economics and business management, Hélène is a scientific collaborator of the FiBL (Institut de recherche de l’agriculture biologique) and responsible for the theme “alternative production systems”. She is passionate about training and transmission.

Graduated on April 14, 2018. Title of the diploma work: “Take part in the construction of scientific bases and the diffusion of permaculture in French-speaking Switzerland.”

Areas of expertise : 

  • Agriculture (field crops, livestock, farm management) – since 2013
  • Forest gardening – since 2014
  • Composting – since 2016
  • Transition – since 2017
  • CNV – since 2017
  • Financial alternatives – since 2017
  • Training – since 2017

Language for tutoring: French, English. I am available as Design Support Tutor and Pathway Support Tutor.


Permaculturist graduated from the Swiss Permaculture Academy in 2020. Teacher of geography and French at the State of Vaud, EPS Aubonne. Has set up a course on sustainable development based on the principles of permaculture for students from 12 to 15 years old. The practical applications are carried out among others in a vegetable garden and an educational apiary.

Graduated on March 15, 2020. Title of the diploma thesis “Teaching teenagers the notions of sustainable development through permaculture actions. »

Areas of expertise :

  • Teaching and training for teenagers and adults (25 years of continuing education courses in manual activities)
  • Amateur gardening for 30 years and amateur permaculture gardening since 2012.
  • Beekeeping since the age of 13, in Warré hives since 2016.
  • PDC training since 2020.

Languages for tutorials: French. Is available as Pathway Support Tutor.