There is a considerable supply of permaculture training in Switzerland.

Permaculture Introductory Course

This is a course of 1 to 3 days of training, with the objective of raising awareness of permaculture, its ethics, principles and design techniques.

Anyone who has obtained a PDC – Certificate of Designer in Permaculture – can teach the introductory courses.

PDC – Permaculture Designer Certificate

This is an international module of 72 hours of theory, generally taught in a residential setting over a minimum of 12 consecutive days but which can have different formulas (2 consecutive weeks, 2 non-consecutive weeks, 3 weekends and 1 consecutive week, 6 non-consecutive weekends, module courses).

This training leads to an internationally recognized certificate and access to the Action Learning Pathway to obtain the Diploma of Designer in Applied Permaculture.

The “Permaculture Designer Certificate” courses can be taught by anyone who meets the following three criteria:

1. have obtained a PDC – Permaculture Design Certificate, and

2. have obtained the Diploma of Designer in Applied Permaculture, and

3. have completed a Teacher’s Training course