The Swiss Permaculture Academy is not responsible, according to its Statutes, for regulating, managing or organizing in any way the courses offered on the national territory, even if the teachers have been graduated by the Swiss Permaculture Academy.

Below you will find some information on the courses offered on Swiss territory that meet the minimum quality criteria established by the Academy.

The PDC is the standard 72-hour module created in 1985 by Bill Mollison, based on the book “Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual”, Ed Tagari – Australia.

This is an essentially theoretical course, to learn how to design sustainable human settlements using the ethical and design principles that are specific to permaculture.

It is intended for anyone interested in the ethical use of the land and the ethical management of relationships.

Through classroom lessons, work groups, outdoor exercises and permaculture design, the course allows participants to acquire new knowledge, learn new skills and network.

Following participation in the entire course, students receive a Certificate issued by the head teacher that will allow them to enrol at the Swiss Permaculture Academy, for the Diploma of Designer in Applied Permaculture.

The course can have different formats:

  • 12 consecutive days or more
  • 2 consecutive weeks
  • 2 non-consecutive weeks
  • 3 weekends and 1 consecutive week
  • minimum 6 consecutive weekends
  • minimum 6 non-consecutive weekends

At the present time, there are no distance learning offers (online).

The price of the course is determined by the location, the organization, the teachers and the duration. The Academy does not receive compensation from teachers or course organizers.