The Association is a reference for the permaculture movement in Switzerland and has the following objectives:

  • to work in collaboration with other permaculture experiments around the world.

The Association may also undertake initiatives in institutions, the media and public opinion in general, which are inherent to the achievement of its objectives and in line with the ethics of permaculture. The Association may carry out any operations deemed useful for the achievement of the above-mentioned objectives.

We offer the following services:

  • continuous training and training of trainers;
  • participation and visibility at European and international level (EUPC – European Permaculture Convergence, AIP – Italian Permaculture Academy);
  • financing of projects in the different linguistic regions, to the extent of our financial capacity;
  • relative knowledge management concerning the 25% of the alternative curriculum in order to enhance the specific knowledge and skills, the specialisation of each tutor, with the aim of exchanging practices and helping future pupils to consciously choose their PDC.

The Academy as a Swiss refeer can:

  • ask international bodies for subsidies and redistribute them through project funding in all linguistic regions,
  • as a Swiss umbrella organisation, lead the process of consensus building at national and international level around Permaculture by providing a protected space for exchange to represent all differences,
  • collectively publish reference works