The learning path is a process that takes place over a period of at least two years and is accessible to students with a Permaculture Design Certificate (72-hour international module).

It is a self-directed process that is both simple and difficult, with the support of the Academy’s tutors, who advise and support the student as best they can.

There is no obligation to take additional courses – at least the apprentice does not include them in his project – although some updates and training are recommended to develop and consolidate his skills and competencies.

After completing the 72-hour Permaculture Design Certificate, many people want to continue to learn permaculture, apply design theories and methods, and use permaculture in their lives in a precise and planned way. All this can be difficult and many people want to be supported along the way.

Each person involved in a learning process chooses his project and career tutors, who are qualified Permaculture Designers and who can support and accompany the evolution of his diploma work.

The subject of the diploma work must be communicated to the Swiss Permaculture Academy, which follows the apprenticeship paths in Switzerland, at the same time as the apprentice’s registration.

You do not need a particular place to start your learning in action. Life in all its splendour is the best place to learn!

This may include, but is not limited to:

  • use permaculture in paid or volunteer work
  • the development of a house and a garden
  • participate in a local or neighbourhood community project
  • work on a transition initiative
  • develop a sustainable company
  • acquire new professional skills
  • apply permaculture in the workplace
  • implement your own life project

The “Diploma of Designer in Applied Permaculture” will be obtained by presenting his projects to an accreditation committee of the Swiss Permaculture Academy.